Her Statement

“Throughout my life I’ve sought to understand who it is to be a Woman. What is the nature of our roles as a daughter, mother, partner, sibling and ultimately an individual? The root of feminine strength lives in us and is a birth right to all women. I am on a journey to rediscover the source of a woman’s power, the Feminine Spirit, which thrived in the matriarchal societies throughout human history, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life that we still live in. How can women retain the empowering nature of their gender while navigating our current world? My desire for women to become integrated in self knowledge, acceptance and love is paramount with a belief that integration can happen when women live in choice through education, respecting their body and mind, with purpose and focus.

We've been graced with living in a time when many women have asserted their feminine selves and have inspired others through their actions. Yet more awareness still needs to be brought to the world about feminine solidarity and education, and the positive effects it has on girls and women living today.

This sense of purpose drives the exploration and rendering of IKONA | Mirrored Interior; celebrating women that have inspired my life through their actions, attitudes and accomplishments. Some of these women I have known quite well and have participated in my evolution as a woman, and an artist. Others have inspired me from afar, and yet all of them share something in common; they exercise their feminine vulnerabilities with courage and dignity. Ten multimedia portraits showcase important women that have helped shape my understanding of the world. I see aspects of myself in each one of them.

This internal mirroring is a phenomenon that I work to expand through abstract, traditional and digital painting techniques. I follow an intuitive process, seeking to combine colour and shape to develop textures that interpret the feminine qualities and unique personalities of each subject. Each portrait is a meditative exercise where I enter a zone where my flow pours out with immediacy and deliberateness.”


IKONA | Mirrored Interior includes 10 original multimedia interpretive portraits of 10 significant living Women.