Her Statement

Throughout my life, I have sought to understand what it means to be a woman and how we are defined by the roles we play. As women we are unique, and yet bonded through common struggles and experiences. I seek to demystify and explore the true depth and power of the Feminine Spirit, our shared identity, through my IKONA project.

In my portrait series IKONA | Mirrored Interior I celebrate ten significant women alive today who have inspired this journey. I translate the energy and strength I see in each of these women onto the canvas through an intuitive process using digital drawing, hand embroidery, painting and photo compositing. Each portrait includes a self-portrait in an effort to document and understand my own evolution as a woman, and the connection I feel with each subject.

In my next series IKONA | Wise Women I am working with ten incredible women whose journeys have lead them to find their power and wisdom through their Feminine Spirit. The portrait series will showcase intergenerational cultural activists, journalists, filmmakers and creatives amongst others.